Hay Day Few tips and Tricks

fishing guide hay dayHello! Today I share with you some tips to play Hay Day. In the future there will be more such posts. As soon as I gather some useful information, I will make a post and publish it for you.

Buy for low price then sell for high

Sounds silly, but you can make a lot of money in a short amount of time. Why would not you earn that way? In the market people often sell things at low prices to sell something fast. This is a great opportunity to buy at a low price and then post it much higher. After some time someone will buy your products for a higher price and you will enjoy an easy profit.

Help the players

This is a game where communication matters, why would not you help others? You can grow less popular plants and sell them to other players. This way I can help my friends who are just starting out playing hay day.

Spend wisely diamonds

I discovered that the best way to use diamonds is to enlarge slots for production. This way you can grow more plants and grow more animals. What in the future means you also have more diamonds and coins.
Remember to always sell at the highest price at RSS, so you get the best results. Another very advantageous option is to sell your products on events. This is a great way to get quick diamonds and coins.

At special events it is much more profitable, there are far more people than anywhere and everyone needs something to buy. That is why it is very useful to grow rare plants because you will be very profitable when you sell them.

I recommend to watch also many other videos on youtube, from which you will find many other interesting solutions. How to get more diamonds and coins. As soon as I gather some more interesting tips, I’ll share them with you. The fishing guide will soon be available.

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